Clifford and Behan solo in for their first league wins of the season.

JMC Flooring GBCC Summer League Rounds 3 and 4.

47 riders lined up for Round 3 of the summer league on the Bearna Circuit. 21 riders received a 2 minute handicap to the scratch group. In the scratch group there were some early attacks from Tony Bourke and Nigel Forde which were reeled in. A few km before Moycullen Eoghan Clifford went off the front with a few riders on the wheel. However the pace going into the drags to Moycullen was very high and Clifford was on his own coming into Moycullen. He maintained a gap of 20 seconds going over the top of Moycullen Hill and pushed on into a strong headwind to catch the lead groups. The bunch behind were chasing but there was also some polemics in the bunch as to who should chase. Going over Trusk Hill Clifford caught the limit group and rode through them with only Kevin Owens and Mike McWeeney managing to get onto his wheel. McWeeney and Owens did some big turns on the descent into Spideal to keep the momentum into a strong headwind going and Clifford had 30 seconds on the chasing group at Spideal. Clifford was on his own again after Spideal as on the coast road the speed was very high (48 kph in front and 47 kph in the chase) and by Bearna the gap had grown to almost a minute. While Clifford was tiring he limited his losses to 20 seconds on the Bearna Hill to take the win by 40 seconds after a good 30 km solo break. As it’s been so long since he won anything he didn’t celebrate with both hands off the handlebar – no point in crashing in front of the camera’s and paparazzi at the finish line! The chasers were led home by Nigel Forde who has a commanding lead in the overall standings.

Results (GBCC unless otherwise stated

1.    Eoghan Clifford 35.6 km @ 39.8 kph

2.    Nigel Forde @ 40 s

3.    Darach Behan @ 45s

4.    Valerio DiBacco@ ST

5.    Donal Kelly @ ST

6.    Derek Joyce @ ST

Unplaced club riders:

1.    Sean O’Connor

2.    TBC

3.    TBC

Please see the video – – and for CLUB LICENCE RIDERS ONLY let me know what time you finished. You can check the video after 2 minutes


Round 4 saw another large bunch of 45 riders sign on. About 15 riders received a 2 minute handicap to the scratch group. A strong cross wind made for a hard day’s racing and while there was a lot of attacking on the way our to Loughrea none managed to stick for more than a minute or two. The standard in the bunch was very high with a lot of riders fancying their chances off the front and there was some really good racing going on. Unfortunately for breakaway artists the wind and course meant attacks were difficult to sustain.

However as is often the case the roundabout gave the main opportunity to stretch the bunch. The limit group was caught just after the roundabout as Nigel Forde drove through on the left hand side and stretched out the bunch. Forde’s pace caused a few splits and very quickly a large, high powered group had pulled away. The group included Forde, Darach Behan, Donal Kelly, Frank Barrett, Derek Joyce, Martin Divilly, Tony Bourke, Sean McInerney and Sean O’Connor (apologies if I missed anyone). Aidan Kelly and Eoghan Clifford made attempts to get across solo but the group up front were taking no prisoners and quickly pulled out a gap. The bunch behind tried to get organised and while there was some strong riding done by the likes of Donal Mahon, Sean McCarthy, Brian Quigley (7 Springs), Paul Kavanagh, Mike Duignan, Barry Phelan and Mike McWeeney the group up front were simply riding too strongly. Up front Forde was unlucky to puncture with 4 km to go leaving the door open for a new summer league winner. The breakaway had a healthy gap of almost a minute and so the tactics began. Behan, who has been in good form recently, attacked with 2 km to go and powered away to a 20 second gap. He had more than enough left in the tank to take an excellent win by 10 seconds over the remnants of the breakaway. Frank Barrett took second from the breakaway. The bunch came in about 40 seconds later.

Results (GBCC unless otherwise stated

1.    Darach Behan 45.8 km @ 41.9 kph

2.    Frank Barrett @ 10 s

3.    Donal Kelly @ ST

4.    Derek Joyce @ ST

5.    Sean McInerney @ ST

6.    Sean O’Connor @ ST

Unplaced club riders:

1.    Roan Campbell

2.    TBC

3.    TBC

Please see the video – – and for CLUB LICENCE RIDERS ONLY let me know at what time you finished and who is near you.

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