Contre la montre – League Standings

Three rounds of the Galway Bay Cycling Club Time Trial league have concluded so we’ve reach the mid-point of the league which triggers this mid-point reflection. We’ve been treated to excellent weather conditions conducive to setting some fast times. The overall league competition is going to be decided along the following rules –


1.       Separate leagues for time trial and road bikes

2.       Points from 1st to 10th will be allocated on a sliding scale for both Time Trial and Road Legal road bikes – 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

3.       Bonus points of 25%, 50% and 100% will be allocated to races 4,5,6


After three rounds Condon leads the carbon disc wheeled, slippery surfaced, aero TT League from Joyce and Whelan. A lot to play for here with bonus points on offer for the remaining 3 rounds. Who will rise to the top – Can the men with the fast equipment with the big power stay fast? Who has the strength of mind to prevail? Who’s peaked too soon?


Over on the traditional setups, where the real hard men fight it out against wind and mind, Phelan is tied with O’Connor with Donal Kelly coming up strong from behind. Now that O’Connor is cycling a 21st Century steed there must be some strong results ahead of him! Can Phelan stay consistent? This league has a lot to play for especially with the bonus rounds coming up.


Its not too late to enter. Just sign up using the GBCC TT League link over there on the top right of this page.


Round 3 – Summary


Tougher conditions last night with mixture of cross and headwind on the run to the Oranmore roundabout with favourable wind to the finish line approximately 4k back out the Dublin road. Thankfully the thunderstorms stayed away and the roads remained dry. Bit of a drop in numbers tonight possible due to the Velotec-Bradley Renault Galway Classic in Athenry on Sunday or maybe the entrants have the fear as the testing distance has increased! The numbers will increase next week as riders battle it out for bonus points rounds 4,5 and 6.


Many thanks for Gabriel, Tony and myself for helping run the event.


Round 2 – Summary


Another excellent evening for time trialling, warm conditions and a tailwind led to some very fast times. Looks like Eoin would have kept up with Ryan Mullen (for 10K anyway!) with an average of just over 50KPH! J  Some very fast Road Bike times this week and the gap between fastest and slowest has shortened, partly due to the tailwind but also due to people pacing more effectively, getting the feeling right and measuring the effort for time trailing.


Well done to all, everyone’s times are heading in the right direction.


Next week we are increasing the distance to 15KM. We will use the same starting point but the riders will need to travel to the Oranmore roundabout and back out the old N6 (same way you came in) for approximately 4KM to the finish line (marking 15K TT Finish). I will send out start times on Monday lunchtime next week.


Thanks to Tony, Murph, Ronan and myself for helping with the organizing.


Round 1 – Summary


Great night for a time trial, almost perfect conditions. Hopefully we’ll get more evening like it! 🙂

Start Times for next week are based on the results from tonight so faster rider from tonight will be off last next week. The start time for each rider next week is included on the results sheet so meet at the start line ready to go. Start line and distance is the same next week.

Hopefully we will all improve our times! The key to a good TT for me is a measured effort. Breaking the distance into quarters – The first quarter should feel easy and build from there until the final quarter is 100% effort leaving nothing on the road. If you go too deep too early you’ll suffer later on. All the best TT’ers “negative split” their effort – the second half of the test is faster that the first…Smooth riding is also important – staying in the saddle, not changing gears too often – tapping out a nice rhythm with a good cadence…Sounds easy! 🙂

Thanks to Tony, “The Bourkees Family” and myself for helping with the organizing.

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