Full Results of 2nd round of GBCC League Race

Full Result of 2nd Round of GBCC League Race

1st Sean O’Connor (GBCC)
2nd Frankie barrett (GBCC)
3rd Donal Kelly (GBCC)
4th Mark Quigley (Western Lakes)
5th Derek Joyce (GBCC)
6th Ronan O’Flynn (GBCC)
7th Keith Griffin (GBCC)
8th Shane Higgins (Black Rose)
9th Kevin O’Connor (GBCC)
10th Eamonn Burke (GBCC)
11th Kevin Owens (GBCC)
12th Ruaidhri Gerathy (GBCC)
13th Ronan Forde (GBCC)
14th Mike Ryde (GBCC)
15th Greg Monahon (Seven Springs)

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