GBCC provide a number of rider-led leisure spins on a Sunday morning, departing from Nigel’s Cycle Store on the Tuam road.

We currently operate 3 groups as follows:

1. Beginners: The beginners group started on Feb 22nd, 2015 and will run for 8 weeks and is aimed at riders just starting off, riding distances of around 20 to 30 km.

2. Intermediate: This group is aimed at those who would like to ride distances from 50 to 60 km, with an average speed of 23 – 25 kph.

3. Advanced: This group normally covers distances from 100 – 120 km, usually at an average of about 28 – 30 kph.

Riders also partake in various other sportives and events throughout the spring, summer and autumn and you’ll nearly always find a GBCC rider at any of the vast number of cycling events in the West of Ireland.