To join a cycling club in Ireland, you must also be a member of Cycling Ireland, and to do that you need to choose the correct membership type, which depends on the type of cycling that you do (e.g. leisure or racer). You licence type can always be upgraded during the course of a season.

Galway Bay Cycling Club membership for fee (2015):
€50 for Adult
€20 for unemployed
€20 for a student
€10 for a junior
Included as part of the membership is a backup car on almost all Sunday spins to assist with the inevitable puncture or mechanical problem.

Cycling Ireland Membership fees are as follows (full details are available at Cycling Ireland):

Cycling Ireland 2015 Fees:
€30 Non-competition (Leisure)
€60 Limited-competition (Lesiure events and club league races – does not cover you for open road races)
€60 for Club Competition (Leisure but also allows participation in Club League Races)
€125 for Domestic Competition (This is what you need to race, i.e. cats 4,3,2,1)
€50 for Fll Competition Junior

To join Galway Bay CC, please complete the membership form HERE:

Once this is complete, you can pay your annual membership online HERE: